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The Wild for Oculus Quest Brings VR Collaboration to Every Desk

With The Wild for Oculus Quest, human-scale VR collaboration is now easier and more accessible than ever. Learn more about getting started.
Clay Walsh
July 16, 2019

With The Wild for Oculus Quest, human-scale VR can now be at every desk.

We want everyone on your team to be able to easily share and experience their work together in The Wild. But for too long, we’ve been tied, quite literally, to an expensive PC with a tangle of wires. Well, friends, those days are over. You no longer need a PC and a bunch of cables for VR collaboration in The Wild because we now support Oculus Quest.

A Headset at Every Desk

Viewing spatial design at human scale is critical for making better decisions, catching errors, and providing valuable context for your teammates, clients, and stakeholders. Lots of architecture and design firms know this and have dedicated VR stations set up in a conference room or at a single workstation.

But virtual reality as a physical destination means that people aren’t using this powerful technology each and every day. If people had VR at their fingertips, they could hop in and out of it as they work and view their designs at scale, making it easy to evaluate and experience projects as they’re being created.

Our vision for the future includes a headset at every desk, making VR collaboration and decision-making as easy as chatting on Slack, joining a call on Zoom, or collaborating in a Google Doc.

“The Wild for Oculus Quest dramatically reduces the complexity of collaborating in VR,” says Gabe Paez, CEO of The Wild. “Our Oculus Quest app makes it fast and simple to immerse the whole design team inside of The Wild, as technical barriers melt away. This simplicity will shift VR from the conference room to each team member’s workstation. With a headset at every desk, immersive collaboration can become a transformative way to achieve excellence and alignment across the team.”

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The Oculus Quest for Immersive Collaboration

The Oculus Quest is a standalone headset, which means you don’t need a PC to run it. It’s wireless, portable, and affordable, starting at $399 (USD). While some of your teammates might work on PCs that can support VR, the Quest will make a great desktop companion for those who don’t have hardware to support desktop VR. The Quest is also great for travel, making it ideal for client presentations or onsite design reviews.

We believe that spatial decisions are best made when you can experience design at scale, together with your whole team. We believe that teams should use VR early and often in their workflow to gain context, catch errors, and make better decisions together. The Wild for Oculus Quest makes all of this more attainable than ever, putting VR collaboration at every team member’s fingertips.

Oculus Quest vs. Oculus Rift S

You might be wondering if the Quest is right for you. Oculus Quest is a great headset for travel and for people who don’t have high-powered PCs at their desks. If you’re a Revit user, then you probably already have a PC that can support virtual reality. If that’s the case, you might want to consider the Oculus Rift S as a desktop companion. It’s the Quest’s more powerful sibling—a next-generation tethered headset, harnessing the power of your PC to run complex models in The Wild with only one wire and an easy setup.

Best Practices for Using The Wild for Oculus Quest

Since the Oculus Quest has a mobile processor and isn’t tethered to a high-powered PC, you’ll want to optimize your models for the best experience possible. Whether you’re importing from Revit or SketchUp, a lot of factors can affect file size, including textures, the scale of your model, complex geometry, and the way your file is set up. We’ve put together a couple of articles on optimizing your models for the Quest. Check them out below:

We hope that the Quest can open the door for broader adoption of VR within your organization, and we hope to see you in The Wild soon. Learn more and request access here.

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