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Immersive Presentations with Tours in The Wild

TOURS in The Wild — an easy way to create and guide immersive presentations.
Clay Walsh
December 15, 2020

Introducing Tours in The Wild—an easy new way to create and guide immersive presentations.

How can you turn your creative vision into a shared experience?

Whether you’re trying to sell a new contract, guide a brainstorm, or get sign-off on your design, it’s crucial to frame the conversation from the intangible to a concrete storyline so that every participant remains on track and focused.

In-person meetings or VR collaboration are great ways to explore these concepts but often when you are trying to communicate your why behind it, and how you see the space being explored by others, framing these conversations is extremely important. The Tour tool helps you guide a meaningful tour in your space and create and share a story arc that is compelling and sells your ideas immersively. Tours is an exciting new way to share immersive design presentations with everyone on your team.

Frame Your Story

Tours let you guide anyone—colleagues, clients, stakeholders—through your space in a sequenced, curated experience. Tell focused and meaningful stories with your space, select the most important views, and frame the conversation to prompt meaningful discussion with your clients and collaborators.

"One of our greatest challenges is to cut through the distractions that surround us and create a focused and compelling expression of our ideas. Tours in The Wild empowers you to craft a story that will focus everyone on your desired framing. You can set the terms of the discussion and create your most powerful pitch."
—Gabe Paez, Founder & CEO of The Wild

Tours in The Wild are even better than in person-presentations—without the limitations of physical bodies (or social distancing guidelines), everyone can experience the perfect view of your space. We’ve designed Tours to be a hands-free tour for participants, making it super easy for anyone to participate from anywhere, from any device.

Without the physical limitations of in-person presentations, Tours allow everyone to experience the perfect front-row view walkthrough of your most important ideas, from anywhere in the world.

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Frame your story with Tours in The Wild to create your most powerful presentation yet.

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3D Model Credit: M2 Studio

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