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The Wild and Igloo Vision Bring VR Collaboration to Immersive Environments

The Wild, immersive collaboration platform for teams, has partnered with Igloo Vision, a shared VR company that delivers immersive 360 degree VR experiences.
Clay Walsh
September 9, 2019

With our new integration with Igloo Shared VR, teams can share their experience in The Wild with others while viewing and interacting with their content in a large-scale immersive space.

We’re excited to announce our new partnership with Igloo Vision, a company designing and delivering immersive 360° projection environments (called Igloos) for the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) space, among other sectors. With The Wild running in an Igloo, it’s like stepping into a huge VR headset, where your team can collaborate in an immersive structure inside of a shared VR experience. Think of it as a giant, dynamic VR cave.

Our integration with Igloo’s Shared VR spaces provides yet another way for you to collaborate and experience your 3D models with your team members and clients in The Wild.

The Wild enables AEC teams to experience their work together at human scale, in real time, from anywhere in the world. With this integration, this collaboration can occur in Igloo’s Shared VR environments, in addition to desktop, iOS (for AR), and VR headsets. Share your experience in The Wild with others while viewing and interacting with your content in a large-scale immersive space.

Benefits to Teams Working in AEC

With the prevalence of BIM, the high cost of business travel, and the time lost due to errors and lack of alignment, it’s more important than ever for businesses in AEC to take advantage of collaboration tools like The Wild and Igloo Shared VR. You can work together with your team in a shared virtual space, and gain the critical context and insights that only come from experiencing your work at human scale.

With our multi-platform access, a team can be in an Igloo in the UK, while stakeholders join from VR headsets, on iOS, or right from their desktops, on the other side of the world.

Try The Wild in an Igloo. Get started to experience the power of immersive collaboration and Igloo Shared VR.

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