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Updating Spaces in The Wild

Keep your SketchUp spaces up-to-date in The Wild with our new Space Update feature.
Clay Walsh
June 17, 2019

Keeping your work up-to-date is now faster and easier in The Wild.

SketchUp users: now you can update any space in The Wild. This will give you the confidence that everyone on your team—and your clients—are seeing the latest and greatest, wherever they are. With that in mind, you can now replace the source model for any space in VR. Revit users, learn about our Revit Add-In for this functionality, plus more!

Watch the full video below to see how Chris and his design team can easily update a Space —without having to re-add all the content—after receiving changes from a client. Enjoy the cheesy stock photos while you're there. 🧀

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