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Express Your Ideas Spatially with The Wild’s Sketch Tool

With our Sketch tool, you can quickly and efficiently express your spatial idea with your team, leading to better outcomes.
Clay Walsh
May 9, 2019

Quickly and efficiently express your spatial idea with your team using The Wild’s new Sketch tool.

The Wild is the best platform for architecture and design teams to collaborate in VR. A lot of our customers use The Wild to view and evaluate existing designs, imported from SketchUp or Revit. In order to communicate more effectively about spatial concepts, we are excited to announce our Sketch tool to help you mark up and sketch out ideas in VR. The Sketch tool allows you to express and capture ideas in a new way—by drawing them in 3D.

Mark Up Your Model

For architecture and design firms, VR is a great tool for making decisions collaboratively, coordinating among different teams, and making sure everyone is aligned. This saves time and helps you avoid costly mistakes down the line. This alignment involves a lot of back and forth, and using the Sketch tool to mark up your model with drawings and annotations can really aid this process.

Use Your Hands to Sketch Your Ideas

Accessing the Sketch tool is easy—select it from your toolset and pull your trigger to start sketching. Your sketches are just like any other object in The Wild—you can grab, scale, and throw them away. The undo button on your off-hand is a useful way to easily erase a bunch of strokes quickly. For more information on the specifics, see our help article.

Sketch + Other Annotations in The Wild

Our tools are designed for quick ideation and iterative prototyping, which takes more than just writing and drawing. When you pair the Sketch tool with Massit and the Comment tool, you’re on your way to a more powerful workflow for expressing ideas in 3D. Use Massit to mass out your ideas, the Comment tool for when you need words, then mark up with the Sketch tool. Connect your objects and comments to others in the space. Marking up a design will help you better articulate spatial ideas, saving your team time and money, and helping your team make more informed decisions.

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