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Comment Tool: Speech-to-Text Annotation for VR Design Reviews

With The Wild’s Comment tool, you can now collaborate with your team in real time or asynchronously via speech-to-text annotations in a space.
Melissa Chan
April 18, 2019

With The Wild’s new Comment tool, you can now collaborate with your team via speech-to-text annotations in a space.

The Wild is an immersive platform that enables you and your teammates to experience design together, in real time, from anywhere in the world. We’ve worked hard to optimize collaboration for teams, and we’re excited to share our first tool designed to unlock asynchronous communication — the Comment tool.

Asynchronous Communication in Virtual Space

We’re big fans of real-time meetings — nothing beats working together and making decisions in real time. But sometimes schedules and timezones don’t align, making it difficult to sync up. That’s where asynchronous collaboration comes into play.

The Wild contains persistent cloud-based spaces that your team can access from anywhere. Think of The Wild as a virtual workspace where you can create, evaluate, and iterate on your ideas. You can share your work with teammates and stakeholders for them to review at their convenience. Any updates you make will automatically be accessible to them.

With our new Comment tool, you can leave annotations throughout your space for others to see. Your name and profile image are attached to your comment so your teammates know who it’s from.

Speech-to-Text Annotations

VR is great for a lot of things, but typing is not one of them. It’s bulky, frustrating, and inefficient. We want The Wild to be a place where people can communicate easily and naturally — that’s why our Comment tool uses speech-to-text to record and transcribe your comments.

Select the Comment tool from your toolset, pull the trigger, and speak clearly to record your comment. When it’s done, your comment becomes an object. You can move it, place it, and scale it just like anything else in The Wild.

Did a word get misheard? No problem, just toss to throw it away and record a new one. Alternatively, you can use the undo or redo button to delete or re-create your annotation.

A Tool for Markup

While you’re experiencing your Revit or SketchUp model in The Wild, the Comment tool will help you and your architecture or design team communicate with one another.

Get answers to your questions, and provide helpful feedback and annotations for your team. Leaving spatial comments in context helps your team align on decisions and better communicate about your work.

Make better decisions early in the design process, when changing an idea is a lot easier, faster, and less expensive. This will free your team to experiment and iterate more efficiently so you can ultimately get to the big idea.

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Capturing Your Annotations

Your annotations will be visible from the desktop viewer, so your team doesn’t need to have a headset to view them. You can also use the camera tool in VR to take pictures of your comments in context if you’d like to share them outside of The Wild.

Check out our help article to view everything you can do with the Comment Tool.

This is just the beginning of what you can expect from our growing toolset. We’ve got some really exciting new features that we’ll be rolling out over the next few months. Sign up for our mailing list to stay up to date.

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