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Bring Your Projects to Life with Video Content in VR

With The Wild’s support for video content in VR, you can create a more dynamic experience, giving your 3D model and spatial ideas context and life.
Clay Walsh
May 3, 2019

Add dynamic content and context to your projects, and enrich your spatial ideas with our new support for video content in VR.

Sharing spatial ideas in 2D can be limiting—that’s why we built The Wild. Experiencing spatial ideas immersively brings critical context to team collaboration and design reviews. But built environments are living things, and even viewing static models spatially can’t fully capture the experience you’re intending. That’s why we’ve just built support for video content in The Wild, so you can add dynamic content and valuable context to your projects.

Video as Content

As our world becomes smarter and more connected, digital content has come to play a central role in designing spaces. Dynamic media helps to communicate creative visions, breathe life into spaces, and strengthen brand experiences.

Whether you’re adding digital displays to a lobby, visualizing a video wall in a retail space, or laying out a multimedia exhibit, video content will help you prototype, evaluate, and present your creative concepts in a more immersive and realistic way.


Video as Context

Video can also take a backseat to your model, providing dynamic context to your project. Use a video to illustrate the bustling streetscape that will exist outside of your model, or use alpha video to visualize people inhabiting your architectural model. Think of these videos as backup singers—they add richness and depth to your model.


By incorporating video content into your space, you’ll provide dynamic context to your teammates and stakeholders, leading to more effective communication, more confident decisions, and better alignment.

Bringing Your Videos into VR

Videos work just like any other asset—import them into your library and pull them into your space, where you can move and scale as needed. Instead of looking at a static image on a screen, adding video your Revit or SketchUp model in The Wild will help you create a more dynamic and immersive experience, giving your model context in a way that you’ve yet to experience in a virtual reality environment. For more information, see our help article.

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