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Share Your Work with Clients & Stakeholders in The Wild

With unlimited free viewer accounts in The Wild, meet with your clients and teammates and allow everyone to experience your Spaces at human scale.
Clay Walsh
June 26, 2019

Sharing your work with your clients and other stakeholders is easy in The Wild.

We want you to be able to easily share and experience your work with others in The Wild. Seeing a space at 1:1 allows your team, clients, and stakeholders to spot mistakes, gain critical context, and make better decisions. That’s why your subscription to The Wild comes with unlimited, free viewer accounts.

Comment Away

Not only can you share your work for free with anyone you choose, but they’ll also be able to leave helpful comments and feedback using our speech-to-text Comment Tool in VR.

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Share Your Work

There are a few ways to invite people to join you in The Wild with a viewer account:

  • Share Everything
    You can add a new team member via the team settings menu, and select Can View from the permissions dropdown to the right of their email address. This will give them permission to view all the content in your team. This is ideal for sharing work with co-workers who don’t need to create, import, or edit any content.
  • Share a Project
    If you have collaborators working with your team on a specific Project, you can share just that Project. Click on the overflow (•••) menu next to the Project name to share with anyone, and customize each person’s permissions as you wish.
  • Share a Space
    If you just want to share a Space, hover over the Space to reveal the overflow menu, where you’ll find the option to Share. After typing in your collaborator’s email address, select Can View to add them as a free viewer.

The people you’ve specified will receive an email invitation to create an account (if they don’t already have one) or view the content (if they do). Your viewers can access content you’ve shared with them from The Wild desktop app, VR, or our iOS app.

Sharing 620

With unlimited free viewer accounts in The Wild, you can meet with your whole team and allow everyone to experience your Spaces at human scale. Prototype experiences, catch mistakes, and build confidence. We hope you and your viewers will see each other in The Wild soon.

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