A 2020 Recap on VR/AR Collaboration at The Wild

While 2020 has certainly brought many challenges, we also are thankful for the opportunities it’s given us all to grow. Here are some of our highlights to share.
Austin Baker
December 23, 2020

2020: The Year of Change, Remote Collaboration, and VR/AR Breakthroughs

What a year!

From the impact of COVID-19 on our remote work culture, to the exciting yet controversial release of the Oculus Quest 2, VR/AR collaboration has changed dramatically over the course of this year. We’ve been excited to be on this journey with you, but it hasn’t been easy along the way.

Switching to a remote culture has been a learning experience for many teams, including ours. We all miss seeing each other in person, but this is also a significant cultural shift that has forced us to lean in on virtual technologies to share experiences more than ever before.

Lessons on Uncertainty from The Wild

While this has certainly brought many challenges, we also are thankful for the opportunities it’s given us all to grow.

Here are a few lessons from our team at The Wild:

  • “I’ve learned that as humans we are much more capable of adapting to change.”—Emiley Oster, VP of Sales
  • “I’ve come to appreciate time with family with a new sense of gratitude.”—Austin Baker, Content Marketing Manager
  • ”I've learned to not be shy about having a solid relationship with my co-workers. Being there for each other on a level beyond just work conversations has really raised the bar for future colleagues.”—Nick Lambert, Customer Success Manager
  • “My biggest lesson is learning how to adapt to change more than I've ever had to, and how it's important to pivot and learn new skills when needed on the fly to move forward in an uncertain time.”—Clay Walsh, Marketing and Communications Director
  • “Be encouraged by struggle, it is a sign of growth.”—Mischa Winkler, Product Manager
  • “I've learned how healthy it is to work from home. I'm so much more involved with my wife and daughter then I would have been, and I have the freedom to spend multiple weeks out of the year with my parents.”—Eric Hackborn, CTO
  • “There is much more empathy around me personally and in this world than I realize existed (and hopefully it will continue as a new normal).”—AJ Lightheart, Account Executive
  • "One thing we can all do right now is to find a little bit of joy. Find something that we can be excited about. Not just hopeful for, but something to share with others."—Gabe Paez, Founder & CEO

What’s been your biggest lesson in 2020? Tweet at us with your lesson and we’ll send you a The Wild coffee mug!

2020 Recapped

Looking beyond the struggles we’ve gone through together, 2020 has also had plenty of great moments to shine. Here’s a few of our favorite highlights at The Wild to share with you.

  • 350+ demos
  • 12 product releases
  • 31 live virtual events
  • 2900 event attendees

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Happy holidays from all of us at The Wild, and thanks for being a part of our year. Here’s to a new chapter in 2021!

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