2020 OEN Entrepreneurship 'Disrupt' Award Winner

The Wild was selected as the 2020 Oregon Entrepreneurs Network 'Disrupt' Award winner. Click to learn about this award and how The Wild is helping lead innovation in the Pacific Northwest through immersive technology.
Clay Walsh
November 20, 2020

We are humbled, grateful, and honored to be a recipient of a 2020 OEN Entrepreneurship 'Disrupt' Award.

The 2020 OEN Entrepreneurship Awards judges were volunteers who scored submissions based on criteria for each category, and then had "frank and challenging conversations as a group about the implications of this recognition...and how to celebrate success in a way that also showcases the breadth of entrepreneurship in Oregon".

In the video produced by Turell Group, The Wild's Founder and CEO Gabe Paez spoke to the tumultuous year that has been 2020. He notes that it's interesting that The Wild ended up in the category "Disrupt" because everyone has been disrupted this year in one way or another. But he said there is one way that anyone can be disruptive themselves—and that is to find authentic joy during this challenging time. Not something to just feel hopeful about, but to truly share joy about in the present moment. That is how Gabe believes The Wild—and all of us—can thrive during this time.

The Wild Founder and CEO, Gabe Paez

The 2020 OEN Awards was quite different than the dressed-up precedent of years' past. This year's event was held on virtual platform, Hopin, and it even still provided an engaging, exciting experience. The theme this year was to highlight Oregon entrepreneurs who reflect and embody the themes of #CREATE, #DISRUPT, #OVERCOME, and #GIVE in this intense year.

Thank you to Amanda Oborne (Executive Director) and Luis Balderas Villagrana (Program & Event Coordinator) for organizing such a fun and thoughtful event, and congratulations from us at The Wild to all awardees, whom as a group showcased the breadth of Oregon innovation. We could not be prouder to be part of this community.


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